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Us car to German
« am: 19. Feb 21, 15:19 »

I have a 2001 camaro ss slp Edition. I am stationed in Germany in the Army and will be staying here longer to study in Germany and hopefully get a residence permit. I apologize for writing in English but my German is not yet fluent and I don’t know all the technical terms. Anyways, as I move to Germany for school I would really like to keep my camaro. Does anyone have any experience converting a US car to pass inspection? I know I will have to change some lights but not sure what else. Is there anyway to get it pre-inspected to get everything ready and in order for the real inspection? How do they test emissions? Do they insert a sensor into th exhaust or do they just check for engine codes? Also my car has these modifications, are any illegal or will fail inspection?

- Front and rear sway bars

- 3 point subframe connectors

- 243 heads and camshaft from a C5 ZO6 corvette

- SLP long tube headers

- High flow cats

- Magnaflow cat-back exhaust

- LS7 lifters

- LS7 clutch

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Re: Us car to German
« Antwort #1 am: 23. Feb 21, 00:30 »
Hi Nick and welcome:)

For passing inspection:
- sway bars are fine
- chassis must be intact, so no severe rust damages, cracks or bends
Are the subframe connectors welded or bolted? (Welding on the subframe is only allowed by licensed chassis builders)

- The cam should be fine, so are the heads.

The inspection will do a emissions test by a external oxygen sensor from the tail pipe

- emissions diagnosis via OBD II is only on newer cars (must be +2008)

The emission test runs (engine warm) once for 30s at half of the rev. Limit, than another 15-30s at idle. The test contains the stoichiometric λ (1:14.7 = 1.000) as well as CO-Level (must be in the ppm range)

In my opinion the only problem could be the high flow cats, if they are not efficient enough (do you know the cpi-count?)

- Clutch, springs, lifters, and other internals are not "seen", because the inspection is not allowed to disassemble your car. Therefore they cant see them :)

- For lights, the camaro guys will eventually answer as well.

The first inspection will be a so called § 21 - your Maro will be fully inspected. This can be costly, but it's needed to get you a Fahrzeugbrief (pink slip) and a Fahrzeugschein. The Fahrzeugschein is like the ID of the car, the Brief is the actual title. Both of them will be handed to you after passed inspection and registration.

Wheels are important as well, which combination you've got?

And it would be great if you can share us some pics of your car  :cheesy:

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Re: Us car to German
« Antwort #2 am: 04. Mär 21, 05:55 »
Thanks for all the info. I don’t have any good pictures but if I find some I’ll share. I’m not sure who made the wheels but I don’t think they are factory. The size is 17x10 I believe. One more question, are my long tube headers illegal? Should I replace them with the factory manifolds?


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